As students, we are taught in history class that technological inventions have served as a major stimulus of social transformation. The invention of navigator initiated the exploration and conquer of new continents; the invention of electricity launched the second industrial revolution which greatly boosted the efficiency of labor force.  The list goes on. Do these mean though, that technology really determines the progress of the world and society we’re living in?

As I summarize, the gist of technological determinism is to contend that technology is the major moving force of history and social transformation. Although the required readings are abstract in language and that I couldn’t fully understand all of the arguments, it is clear to me that they all tried to evaluate the causal link between technology and social change. My stand is that it seems obvious, and empirical experiences have well-informed us that even if technology isn’t the determining factor of social change, it does help change and shape the society in many ways.

There are still so much about technological determinism that I’ve not yet understood. I’m hoping to gain more insight from the professor and my classmates during class and I’ll come back and update.