To Cristina:

Communication via social media offers us more choices and space. People can now use all kinds of abbreviations and emoticons to express themselves, and that couldn’t be achieved easily during normal face-to-face conversations. We can decide whether to respond or not, since it’s mostly asynchronous on social media. Social media provide us with a platform to simply express ourselves without expecting responses, and it also enables us to gather strength and connect with more people than we can imagine (think of the ALS ice-bucket challenge).

To Sam:

While we argue that it is society that has been pushing innovation and technology forward, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that there has to be enough technology to aid us when we are innovating, though technology itself are without exception programmed by us human. Technology still serves as an indispensable element in the process of innovation.

To Kandice:

Ha, interesting comment about technology used as means to make more money. But I don’t think that’s the whole picture. Making money is a part of what technology enables us to do. A couple more pixels in our camera seem to make little difference, but think about twenty years ago, when we had to use heavy non-digital cameras and go through a lot of procedures to get our photos developed. Sure, we’ve spent lot of money paying for such technology, but we have to admit that it is changing how we live.