Researchers now consider deception in online profiles as a strategy rather than a way to hide who they really are. They have found out that although deceptions are frequently spotted in online dating profiles, in the meantime, the magnitude of such deceptions is relatively small. People lie about certain aspects of their real selves, so that they could be more competitive in the “dating market” and by doing so slightly, they could still maintain their true self and avoid being spotted of their deceptions.

It’s interesting to see that people are constantly deceiving and being deceived, and this tension always exists. Although people are aware of the fact that “since I’ve lied about my profile, why can’t others lie as well”, they are still willing to take the chance.

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Of course, there are also times when lies and deceptions become dangerous and have to be taken seriously.

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The studies researchers conducted show a common trend of how and what people lie online, but in daily life, as an individual, we might still encounter different people that might not fit into the trend. Anti-CatFishing is still a major thing we should always keep in mind.

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